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Comparison Of The Different HGH Products Available

How To Make Genf20 Plus More Effective

 Comparison Of The Different HGH Products Available  

If you are thinking about using an HGH supplement, it’s a good idea to do the research before you choose to buy a product. However, it’s important that you are aware of how the different each of the products are and how they work. By understanding the options offered, you can avoid scams, being ripped off, or buying HGH products that aren’t legal.

There are four ways to buy HGH supplements. Let’s have a look at those ways and what you need to know about each product type.

1) Synthetic HGH Injections

Synthetic HGH injections are legal; however, they must be prescribed and administered by a licensed physician. Synthetic HGH injections are incredibly expensive costing between $10,000 and $30,000 a year for the treatments.


Most of the studies that have been conducted have shown HGH injections do a good job of reversing the physical signs of aging and the depletion of HGH supplied by the body. This option isn’t available to most people because of the exorbitant that puts it out of the range of most.


If you are thinking about using HGH injections, you should know that many users find the injections extremely painful, and the need to go to the physician each time you need an injection is very inconvenient, not to mention, it can be hard to find a doctor that’s qualified and is willing to administer HGH injections. This means you often find yourself having to travel some distance to an anti aging clinic that handles HGH injections.


There are certainly risks associated with using HGH injections. An HGH overdose can lead to headaches, fluid retention, gynecomastia (male breasts) and insulin resistance. There are concerns related to long-term HGH injection use and the hormone imbalance that can occur in the body.


It is important that you know this ….


The only legal and safe way to purchase these synthetic HGH injections is from a qualified doctor who writes a prescription.

Be cautious of those websites claiming to sell real synthetic HGH injections because there are high risks associated with not getting what you think you are buying.

2) HGH Releasers


GenF20 Plus is an HGH Releaser.


GenF20 Plus is a dietary supplement – therefore it requires no doctor visit and no prescription. This HGH Releaser is scientifically formulated to ensure that your body increases its release of HGH. This is a much better choices than injecting a foreign source.


When one uses an HGH Releaser, you can enjoy all the anti aging benefits HGH has to offer. Synthetic injections are not only very expensive they require a doctor and have numerous health risks – none of this is associated with HGH Releasers. With an HGH Releaser there are many, without having to worry about the high cost, the health risks, and the inconvenience.


You don’t need a doctor… There is no worry of overdose risks…. You don’t have the high costs


 …. There are no painful needles.


The challenge you face is that you need to find an HGH Releaser that’s safe and effective - GenF20 Plus comes from a cGMP certified facility and uses the highest quality ingredients. This is an HGH Releaser that provides customers with the results they are looking for – REAL results – and they have the track record to prove it.

GenF20 Plus has an eight-year track record of consistently using the best ingredients and quality manufacturing. This is backed by what their customer testimonials say!


3) Homeopathic HGH


There are all kinds of claims out there surrounding the use of homeopathic HGH. Consumers should be aware that everything they read might not be true. And this is definitely the most divisive HGH supplement, which constantly finds itself under controversy. That’s because to date the science behind the Homeopathic HGH for the most part is missing.


You should know that there are many many claims that about the Homeopathic HGH supplement. There is no question that this is the most controversial HGH supplement on the market, because the scientific medical communities consider it unproven.


There has been only one study done on homeopathic HGH, by the National Institute of Health. This is not enough to offer sufficient evidence that this is an effective and safe option.

When you use Homeopathic HGH, 2-3 times a day you will take a tiny synthetic HGH dose. The purpose is to stimulate the body’s your immune system and your endocrine so it produces more HGH.


It is inconvenient to use and there is no proof it is safe.


4) Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Injections


Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Injections looks like a promising treatment. However, because this treatment is new and to-date is unproven, you need to have a doctor give you the injection, which is inconvenient.


When you choose this option, the GHRH is injected. This is supposed to stimulate your brain to naturally increase your HGH production. A Baltimore study injected the participants who were all older men with GHRH twice a day. The study found that it restored the HGH and IGF-1 levels to levels of men that were three decades younger. However, right now there is only the one study so more research is needed.

GHRH looks promising! However, it is expensive, inconvenient and so far, it is not proven.




It’s really easy to realize that right now GenF20 Plus is your best choice. This HGH Releaser provides you a solution that works and it doesn’t cost you a fortune, nor do you need a doctor or prescription.


GenF20 Plus is much safer than injections are – because you aren’t injecting the synthetic HGH into your body there are not the risks associated with that, especially overdosing.


GenF20 Plus is a natural, convenient, effective, safe and affordable way for you to increase your body’s HGH level the natural way!


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"I would wholeheartedly recommend GenF20 Plus to anyone wanting to increase their HGH levels and improve their overall health"

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