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Comparison Of The Different HGH Products Available

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

What is HGH?


HGH, short for Human Growth Hormone, and also referred to as simply GH, has been called a “miracle” and a “fountain of youth.” This hormone, which is naturally produced in the bodies of all human beings, causes a variety of effects both directly and indirectly. It is now known that levels of HGH are highest in the teen years, and start to taper off in the 20s and beyond. In fact, lower levels of Human Growth Hormone are directly related to most of those signs of aging that the scientific community used to consider to be unavoidable and just “part of ageing.”


It has long been known that HGH is responsible for the growth spurts that we experience during puberty. Males generally produce more HGH, and therefore also generally experience more height and muscle growth during the teen years than females. HGH is what is responsible for that common occurrence of teenagers who seem to be able to eat as much food as they want, even if it is junk, and still stay skinny and lean. Children and teens who do not produce enough growth hormone are HGH deficient, and often end up with a stunted adult height unless they are treated with HGH injections.


Since HGH deficient children and teenagers have been treated with HGH injections for so long, the medical community has noticed that people treated with HGH also experience a wealth of other benefits. Symptoms of HGH deficiency don’t just include stunted height, but also smaller or wasted muscles, exhaustion, brain fog, fat gain, trouble losing body fat and gaining muscle, poor insulin response (which can lead to Type 2 diabetes), poor libido, thin skin that is easily damaged and sags and wrinkles early, poor strength, and signs of a slow metabolism such as constantly feeling tired and cold. Not surprisingly, supplementing HGH seems to improve all of these problems!


Since HGH deficient children and teens showed improvement not only in height but in general health (less body fat, more muscle tone and strength, more energy, more mentally alert) it wasn’t long before scientists decided to see what HGH supplementation would do for adults.

The Breakthrough HGH Study


The New England Journal of Medicine published a study on July 5, 1990, that is much-cited today. Older men (60 years and older) were given HGH injections and the effects on blood serum levels of IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor, which is produced in response to HGH levels and which we now know causes many of the anti-ageing benefits to occur), body fat mass, lean body mass, bone density, and skin thickness were measured. This study was rigorous; the men were tested regularly for 6 months prior to treatment to establish baseline measures, and were split into the test group, which received HGH injections, and the control group, which did not. Treatment with HGH lasted 6 months.


The results of this study were astounding. Six months of treatment with HGH resulted in a 14.4% decrease in body fat compared to the control group (remember, these were men over 60 years old who did not change their diet or exercise habits during the study) and an 8.8% increase in lean body mass. The experimental group also experienced a 1.6% increase in bone density and a 7.1% increase in skin thickness. The control group experienced no change during the study. It was now confirmed that treatment with HGH could reverse signs of ageing such as increased body fat and decreased muscle tone, as well as skin wrinkling and sagging (thicker skin is more resilient to damage and looks less “old” and wrinkled.)


More Benefits of HGH


Since this study, many more studies have been done with HGH treatments. Scientists have varied dosing regimens to discover how to maximize effect while minimizing dosages (like any other medical treatment, HGH therapy can of course have side effects, which are reduced with lighter dosages). It has also been discovered that HGH levels vary throughout the day in a natural rhythm , and that the human body will produce higher levels of HGH after intense exercise and when certain dietary regimens are followed. Many studies have sought to find the “ideal” routine that would maximize diet, exercise, and the body’s natural rhythms so that HGH injections will have the highest benefit.


Adults receiving treatment with HGH have reported feeling more optimistic and energetic, and also report feeling less anxiety and depression. Not only do they look and feel healthier physically, but many people receiving HGH therapy feel healthier mentally when taking HGH. Most patients report that it is easier to lose body fat and put on lean muscle mass (in the U.S, the FDA has approved HGH injections as a treatment for obesity).


Since HGH results in an improvement in skin thickness and elasticity, it also results in a decrease in skin sagging and wrinkles. When HGH is used in younger patients (younger than the 60 year olds used in the original breakthrough study) it seems to have a preventative effect on these signs of aging.


    So, to recap:


HGH, when used in deficient children and teenagers, helps them to achieve their full height potential and helps keep the ratio of body fat mass to lean body mass in healthy ranges with less effort. When used on older adults, HGH seems to “turn back the clock” and make it easier for them to lose body fat mass and build lean body mass. It also results in an improvement in bone density and skin thickness. Both of those measures are important when it comes to preventing injuries in older adults. When used on a healthy, adult population, HGH can help prevent the signs of aging previously thought of as normal. Aging adults can reap the benefits of higher energy levels, lower body fat, fewer wrinkles, firmer skin, a higher libido, and more youthful strength. In short, HGH seems to give people back what they lose when they age.

More Benefits of HGH


The vast majority of HGH studies have been done with HGH injections. In North America it is currently illegal to use HGH without a prescription, and many physicians are reluctant to prescribe HGH even for its FDA approved use to treat obesity. This unfortunate circumstance is due to a controversy currently surrounding HGH use—many people consider HGH to be in the same category as anabolic steroids and are afraid of its side effects. Like many medications, when used properly the benefits of HGH greatly outweigh the risks.


Due to the difficulty in legally obtaining HGH for injection, a huge market has sprung up around HGH releasers. These supplements contain HGH pre-cursors, which are substances that prompt the body to produce more of its own HGH, rather than supplying artificially engineered HGH to the body. There are fewer scientific studies to support the effectiveness of HGH releasers, but they have a large advantage of HGH injections in that they do not produce side effects. The body will not produce enough HGH to harm itself, but injecting artificial HGH can cause levels to rise high enough to cause potentially damaging side effects. Of course, taking HGH releasers also means that there are no needles, reconstituting, or complicated dosing regimens involved. In short, HGH releasers are more convenient, legal, less expensive, and have no side effects.


There have, however, been numerous studies showing that the ingredients in HGH releasers, such as L-Arginine, L-Lysine, Glutamine, GABA, L-Glysine, L-Tyrosine, and L-Pyroglutamate, are successful at raising natural HGH levels. Since it is higher HGH levels that produce the benefits of HGH, HGH releasers are a safe, inexpensive, legal way to experience those benefits. HGH releasers such as Genf20 Plus contain sufficient amounts of the crucial compounds to prompt the body to release more of its own natural HGH so that users can experience all the anti-aging benefits.


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