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Is there really medical proof that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) will turn back the aging process? Can compounds taken orally, like GenF20 Plus actually have an effect similar to injected HGH? It is important to be skeptical of claims such as this, but those looking for real, documented scientific proof can find it here.


HGH and Anti-Aging

HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, has become almost synonymous with anti-aging. This hormone affects almost every system in the body, and plentiful levels of it keep the body working as it does in young, healthy people. In fact, Human Growth Hormone:

  • Helps to regulate appetite and prevent overeating;
  •  Helps adolescents achieve their maximum adult height;
  • Helps build and maintain healthy lean muscle tissue;
  • Helps burn and keep off unhealthy fat tissue;
  •  Keeps energy levels high;
  • Promotes a feeling of happiness, optimism, and well-being;
  •  Keeps sex drive high (men and women);
  • Keeps sexual response functioning strongly and normally (men and women);
  • Helps sleep quality; Helps focus and concentration;
  • Keeps skin thick, elastic, and youthful-looking;
  • Helps prevent loss of bone density;
  • Speeds healing and recovery from trauma;
  • Helps keep hair thick and glossy;
  • Helps balance mood swings;
  • Boosts the immune system;
  • Improves muscle aches and pains;
  • Improves flexibility and muscle strength.

Some patients treated with HGH have reported the reappearance of hair lost due to balding, and even the return of color in hair that had gone grey! In short, almost all of the problems that used to be considered "just a part of ageing" are actually due to a lack of HGH (our bodies' productions of Human Growth Hormone drop off as we age.)researcher in lab

Why Put Up with Aging?


As long as people have disliked aging, there have been anti-aging scams. This will always happen when there is a common problem and science has not yet discovered the solution. Since so many people were desperate for a solution to the unpleasantness associated with aging, snake-oil salesmen jumped in to fill the gap. Now, however, things are different.


There is a reason that all the symptoms on that long list above start to appear in the mid to late twenties and progressively get worse: because all of those symptoms have a common cause! Once a cause is identified, the scientific and medical community can work on a solution.


The cause of all the symptoms of aging—and likely the cause of aging itself (which is really just a collection of the above symptoms) is lower levels of HGH being produced by the body. The solution is obviously to find a way to safely and effectively increase HGH levels.

Medical Proof that HGH Works


Perhaps the best proof that HGH works is the fact that it has been used by the medical profession to treat various problems for almost 100 years. GH harvested from animals and purified to be used in humans was used as a treatment for Type 1 diabetes in the 1920s. It was found that purified insulin worked better than GH for diabetes, but in the late 1950s it was found that HGH harvested from the pituitary glands of human cadavers could treat children with severe growth deficiency. Treatment of short stature in children and adolescents with HGH was so successful that HGH had to be rationed, because there was simply not enough to go around. Harvesting pituitary glands and purifying the HGH was difficult, and not every child who needed HGH could be treated. It was well-documented that additional height was not the only benefit experienced by the children treated with HGH. They also had increased muscle mass, strength, and energy levels, and decreased fat mass.bodybuilder

In the early 1980s, scientists discovered how to use recombinant DNA technology to produce HGH, which meant that HGH deficient children were no longer dependant on cadavers for the source of their treatment. As HGH became cheaper and more plentiful, it was speculated that perhaps adults could also be HGH deficient. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that adult males over the age of 60 who received treatment with HGH improved their body composition by losing fat mass and gaining lean muscle mass in comparison with a control group who did not take HGH. There was also a notable increase in skin thickness and elasticity. This increase in skin thickness and elasticity had the effect of making the men look younger because it resulted in facial wrinkles becoming less prominent.


Since then, many studies have been done on younger adults. Critics state that the only studies which show results have been with adults who were HGH deficient—but scientists are starting to realize that many more adults qualify as HGH deficient than previously thought. In fact, the term “somatopause” has been coined, as a parallel to the already recognized conditions of menopause and andropause that are treated with HRT (hormone replacement therapy.) The medical community is shifting to recognize HGH as another hormone that should be replaced as people age if they wish to keep their health and quality of life (Savine, Richard; Sönksen, Peter (2000). "Growth Hormone – Hormone Replacement for the Somatopause?". Hormone Research 53: 37–41)

There will always be critics of any new technology or therapy. Doctors who prescribe HGH off-label for anti-aging purposes are sometimes accused of “inventing” a disease to make a quick buck. But who gets to decide which diseases are “invented” and which are “discovered”? If a person is suffering from low quality of life, and the cause can be determined and treated, why should that person continue to suffer? The medical community has been using HGH as a treatment for almost 100 years, and more information comes to light every day about how it can improve the daily lives of many people, from children with abnormally short stature to people who run the risk of obesity-related diseases because they can no longer lose fat and build muscle the way that they used to.


New technological discoveries even allow patients to reap the benefits of HGH without a prescription or uncomfortable daily injections. Several studies (such as Effects of an Oral Growth Hormone Secretagogue in Older Adults: White et al. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2009) have indicated that HGH secretagogues (substances that are not HGH, but prompt the body to produce more of its own HGH) can result in the same benefits as HGH injections. Since these substances are not restricted by the FDA, they are more convenient and less expensive than HGH injections, and can be taken orally. Many people are choosing this easy way to reap the benefits of HGH treatment.


Remember that, in the U.S, HGH is a restricted substance. It is only legal to use if you have a prescription from a doctor. Natural health supplements like Genf20 Plus containing HGH releasers, or secretagogues, are legal in the U.S as of the date of writing. Your regular physician should be consulted before beginning any supplement regimen.





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"I would wholeheartedly recommend GenF20 Plus to anyone wanting to increase their HGH levels and improve their overall health"

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